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Bruce Pope

Underwater self portrait.jpg

    My work generally represents autobiographical memories, either conscious or otherwise, which occurred during my lifetime. Whether it’s a walk down the street or an assessment of current events, there is usually a thinly veiled commentary in there somewhere.

   The materials used consist of oil on canvas with graphite, modeling paste, wax medium, oil stick and charcoal. The substrate may have fabric collage materials, tissue paper, metal leaf and the occasional bits of chicken wire to keep my poultry friends well represented.  

Email Bruce at to inquire about his art. 

2 ballons and a sucker.jpg
Writing's on the Wall copy.jpg
One Note Freedom copy.jpg
Peace on Earth.jpg
Social Distancing copy 2.jpg
Chicken Wire Angels 2 copy.jpg
Bat Zero.jpg
Mortimer copy.jpg
Cut and Repeat (1) copy.jpg
Bumper Car.png
Green with Envy.png
not even the rain, has such small hands copy.png
Figure copy.jpg
The Pub.jpg
Roadway copy.jpg
Suburban Track Meet copy.png
Girl impersonating a lemon.png
Rock, Paper, Scissors.png
Medusa at the salon copy.jpg
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