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Carol Brent Levin

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Growing up, Carol Brent Levin spent many summers attending camp in Northern Michigan where she fell in love with the outdoors. This love of nature can be seen in her art. Once she stopped working full time, she had time to explore the natural wonders of her local environment as well as mans footprint. With a camera in hand, she first began taking photos of tiny flowers growing along the roadsides. While trying to identify the plants, she learned about invasive species and changing habitats. Working with the local land trust, Carol has been involved with restoration work and has developed and increased awareness of the human impact on nature. Carol has been taking art classes at the local community colleges as well as workshops in Northern California. Her work has been exhibited in a variety of venues in Northern California. Although she enjoys sketching and painting, photography and printmaking have become her main avenues for artistic expression. She often combines the two processes together. While she has a small etching press in her home studio, she has been able to work at a shared community press in Walnut Creek.

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