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Charlene Steen

Charlene Steen is an abstract acrylic and monotype artist. A graduate in Art from UCLA, with a master’s degree in art history, she taught art and art history at California State University Long Beach, UCLA, and Van Nuys High School.  She was also an art critic for Artforum Magazine and a number of newspapers.

Her work has been exhibited at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Napa Expo (First Prize Winner), Benicia Arts, Las Laguna Gallery, Novato City Offices Gallery, Sacramento Fine Arts Gallery (People’s Choice Award), Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Art Escape - Sonoma, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts - Mill Valley, Main Street Arts - Martinez, Art Cottage - Concord, Crocker Museum (virtual), Lindsay Dirkx Brown Gallery - San ramon, Mare Island Art Studios, Orinda Library gallery, Quest Unitarian Church - Novato, Bezos Restaurant - Novato, Napa Library, and is in a number of private collections. She is scheduled to have a solo shows this fall at the Gallerie Valerie in Crockett.


I have been interested in all of the arts ever since I can remember. As a child I was fortunate to travel much of the world and began to recognize the richness of our planet.

My acrylics are dynamic abstract expressions of my inner landscape. Textures, movement, and colors all combine to produce an emotional visual image.  Paints are applied spontaneously with rollers and brushes. Sawdust and wood bits explode over the surface. Dots and drips further enliven the imagery.

My concern for the planet has also let me to produce a series of abstract paintings using recycled materials, including packing materials, toilet paper rolls, banana peels, grape stems, egg cartons, etc.

My monotypes either incorporate human abstraction in a mystical unreal environment or are abstract, often using string and twine and occasional drawing, to delve into the inner world of the subconscious.

Still different are my drawings which incorporate body parts, animals, flags, etc. in a neo-Bosch-like aura.

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Homage to Schwitters IMG_5198.jpeg
Steen,Charlene_Cyclone in Blue - acrylic, 16x20 IMG_4394-1.jpeg
Charlene_Steen_Outer Space Elegy_2022_Recycled materials, 18X24$180IMG_5282 2.jpeg
Introspection in Black and Orange.jpeg
Charlene+Steen_TP ICON,_2022_recycled  tp rolls, wine case, pray paint_24 x30_ $320IMG_519
Steen- Winds of Time, 30x40, $400.jpg
SteenCharlene_Moodscape -Winter_Acrylic & textural materials_30x40 $360.jpeg
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