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I am an abstract painter using oil paint and cold wax medium. Each painting is an exploration into the unknown as much of what I do is intuitive–– one step or stroke leading to the next. I apply color and texture using a variety of tools, I use solvents to reveal underlying layers, and I carve and scratch to add line and shape. I am guided by my own emotions and experiences and by what I see in the human figure. I want my work to be compelling and interesting to the viewer I hope the viewer sees something of herself in my work.   


I was born in Los Angeles and from a young age, I knew two things: I loved the ocean and I loved to make things. My mother was an artist, and my sister is a stained glass artist. It runs in the family.

I have been a life-long learner of art. From jewelry-making, to photography, to tooling leather, to sculpture and now painting in oil and cold wax, I’ve immersed myself in creativity my entire life. Over the past five years, I’ve learned from artists such as Melinda Cootsona, Martin Campos, Pauline Agnew, Michael Carson, Robert Kelly, and many others. I learned classical portrait drawing and painting from Deirdre Shibano at Arts Benicia. I am currently a member of, and participant in, Jerry McLaughlin and Rebecca Crowell’s Cold Wax Academy. Daily learning is as locked into my day as is daily painting.


Influences come from the Bay Area Figurative Artists, Brian Rutenberg with his stunning sense of space and color and Mark Rothko who can evoke strong emotion in a viewer using nothing but color, space, and scale. Inspiration also frequently arises from poetry and music.

Shows and Galleries

  • Orinda Books, Orinda, Solo Show

  • Once Upon a Canvas, Benicia, Group Exhibition

  • Dianna’s Bakery, Benicia, Group Exhibition

  • Happy Life Pottery, Benicia, Group Exhibition

  • Arts Benicia, Member Show

  • Artists Sunday, Online Group Exhibition

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