Samantha McNally

Samantha worked in NYC for 15 years as an embroidery designer, drawing the patterns for beading and ribbon embroidery in the garment district. Live music and painting are Samantha's favorite activities when not at work. In 1999 Samantha moved to California where she worked in the music business for Grateful Dead and Metallica. In addition to painting, Samantha is a webmaster for Art Associations and Artists. Samantha teaches watercolor painting on Zoom.


Samantha McNally studied Art at Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ, Ridgewood School of Art in Ridgewood, NJ and The School of Visual Arts in NYC. Award-winning artist Samantha McNally is a member of the California Watercolor Association (CWA). Samantha's paintings hang in the Valley Art Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA and in HQ in Benicia. Samantha McNally served as the President of CWA from 2007 through 2010.

Benicias Neptunes Daughter.jpg
Historic Capitol Building.jpg
Pelican in the Clouds.jpg
Curry Point.jpg
Egret by the Depot.jpg
Arnesons Bench.jpg
California Brown Pelican.jpg
Pelican Over California Coast.jpg
Russian River.jpg
Looking for a Fish.jpg
Clint Eastwoods Ranch.jpg
American Beauty.jpg
Forest Roses.jpg
Benicia Depot.jpg
Romantic Benicia.jpg
Two Dozen Roses.jpg
Pink Quartet.jpg
Delta Sunflower.jpg
Tiburon Rose.jpg
Delta Sunflower II.jpg
Sun Kissed.jpg
Summer Love.jpg
Cow at Little Farm.jpg
Sunset on San Pablo Bay.jpg
Yellow Rose.jpg
M o o.jpg
Lion in the Sun.jpg
Horse on the Beach.jpg
King of the Jungle.jpg
Spring Blooms.jpg
Seagulls on a Rock.jpg
Sea Ranch.jpg
Cows in the Shade.jpg