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Joyce Snyder

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Whatever medium I choose to work in—watercolors, oils, acrylics or mixed media, it’s important that the subject touch my heart and soul. It may be a landscape, a floral arrangement, a still-life, portraiture. Regarding the latter, I’m always on the lookout for intriguing faces and figures; if the reader of this bio has one I’d appreciate your sharing it with me. 


My style is representational. 


I was introduced to a broad range of mediums while attending the University of Arizona where I received my BFA degree. My introduction to working with watercolors came much later. In addition, I have two teaching credentials, one of which was in special education, as well as a Masters in Early Childhood Education.


I host a monthly gathering in my home called “Ennobling the Soul and Encouraging the Arts” that is open to anyone who finds the title engaging. We always begin, as I say, with coffee/tea and a treat followed with interfaith prayers and selected readings revolving around different themes. To encourage the arts I always set out a selection of art materials for those wishing to engage in them when the discussion concludes.


To me, artistic endeavors are integral to all cultures and I feel are crucial, not only to one’s own health and well-being in so many ways, but to the health of a society as well. One only has to do some research on the internet to verify this. 

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