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My art is almost exclusively pencil drawings, focused on the minute details of nature and architecture revealed through complex and varied textures.

I find the starkness of pencil on paper produces a visual impact that is not present in many other mediums.
With the detailed attention to texture, I try to produce visually pleasing images that focus closely on the subject without clutter or distraction and that draws the eye to observe the detail. 

My fascination with texture and its representation in my drawings has lead me to observe the world in more detail, finding interesting subjects in unassuming places.

Growing up in the UK, Mark’s drawings were exhibited in a couple of private exhibitions in the late 1960s, but his profession as an engineer overtook his art until 2014 when he picked up his pencils once more.  Since then he has exhibited a number of times in local galleries.

Gallery representation:

HQ Gallery:  333D,  1st. Street, Benicia.  2016 to present.   [ ]



Juried exhibitions:

Gems III, 2015 [
Gems IV, 2017 [

In the fields: Botanical Lore, 2018  [ ]

Uplift: Celebrating the Sierra Nevada,  October 2019. [ ]



Solo exhibitions:  

Marilyn Citron O'Rourke Gallery, February/March 2017.

Arts Benicia Presents at Olson Realty,  Mark Bremer, Works in Graphite,  2018 [ ]

Marilyn Citron O'Rourke Gallery, August 2019



Group exhibitions:
Art of a Community in 2016, [
Art of a Community in 2017,  [ ]. 
Art of a Community in 2018,  [ ]





Arts Benicia Auction 2017 & 2019


Commissioned work for the Benicia Public Library, 2019.

Other privately commissioned work.

Arts & Culture Interview with Benicia Magazine [ ]


Member Arts Benicia since 2015.




Web site:

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