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Michal Lehman


Michal has been an artist most of her life. As a young person in school, she took advantage of the rich variety of art offerings at school and learned to work with clay, wood, metal, graphic art, plastics and poetry. In 2002 she discovered the charm and beauty of stained glass at an art show. Thus began a decade of infatuation with the endless possibilities of colorful, textured art glass. For ten years she created custom stained glass windows, lamps, jewelry boxes and custom gifts. She could be found most weekends at the art shows and galleries throughout Napa, Yountville, Marin, San Francisco, Suisun, Vallejo and Benicia.  


In 2015 her love of the arts took another direction. She expanded into mixed media after taking a class with LorriMarie Jenkins and falling in love with the expansive medium. Gone were the days of working with the perfection required to work with stained glass!  


Today she works with the abstract; blending acrylic paint with delicious textures, fabric and ephemera to create one of a kind works of self expression. Michal is an avid gardener and nature lover and takes cues and inspiration from being in the garden or on a hike in one of our beautiful Northern California parks.  She resides in Richmond, CA.  


Please feel free to contact Michal at

michal lehman.jpg
michal l.jpg
Michal Lehman “Mt. Shasta” Mixed Media 10x10 $95.jpg
Love In Fall.jpg
Michal Lehman “Wildfire 2020” Mixed Media 10x10 $95.jpg
Michal Lehman “niniijaanisag” 4” x 12” Acrylic mixed media $50 both pcs.jpg
2 “niniijaanisag” 4” x 12” Acrylic mixed media $50 both pcs.jpg
Michal Lehman “Brick in the Wall” Mixed Media 10x10 $95.jpg
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