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HQ Gallery Auction 2024
Beginning Drawing with Dina Farris Appel

Meet our Featured Artists:

Janet Glore Valls, Guest Artist

Home Town July 5 - September 1

Barrie Robinson
Janet Glore Valls
Jeanette Kanozik Botanical Series, Oil $320
Jeanette Kanozik, Blackberry Delight, Oil $450
Mary Frances Kelly-Poh
Mary Frances Kelly-Poh
Ok Kyong Hanrahan, Sunrise Egrets, 10x15 photograph $120
Ok Kyong Hanrahan, Egret Family, 9x12 photograph $95
Pauli De Dominicis, Benicia Land and Seascape, Oil $325
Tibby Lerner, Multiple Leaves
Tibby Lerner, Thinking of You
Annette Laurel Batchelor, Early Morning at Bobs, Oil $495
Annette Laurel Batchelor, Lake Herman Park, Oil $325
Barb Duvall
Barb Duvall
Dan Suzio, Lesser Goldfinch, Framed Photograph $95
Dan Suzio, Cedar Waxwings, Framed Photograph $95
Dennis Ariza, Winter Cold
Dennis Ariza, North Table Mountain Wildflowers
Dina Farris Appel
Dina Farris Appel
Doug Slaydon
Doug Slaydon
Ebba Navas, Carquinez Sunset, Oil $250
Ebba Navas, Diablo View, Oil $250
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