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Jeanette Kanozik

Hello, I'm Jeanette Kanozik, a professional oil painter whose passion for nature and florals finds expression on canvas. While my journey has taken me through the realms of interior design and cooking, it is the beauty of nature and the serenity of gardens that truly captivate my artistic soul.

From the vibrant hues of my garden to the intricate details of a hummingbird's dance, I draw inspiration from the awe-inspiring wonders of the natural world. As a child, I spent countless hours in my grandmother's garden, allowing the colors and dreams to permeate my being. Today, I translate those cherished moments onto canvas, whether amidst the blossoms or creating a still life.

Having bid farewell to the world of interior design, I now revel in the enchanting landscapes of Northern California, where color and texture unfold in endless possibilities. Every brushstroke is a testament to my love for flowers and the profound beauty that surrounds us.

I believe in sharing the magnificence of our homes and the splendors of nature through my art, with the hope of inspiring you to see your own hopes and dreams within the delicate strokes. As William Wordsworth wisely said, "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."

In the words of Pooh and Piglet, I savor each moment as my favorite day, embracing the joy found in the simplicity of life. Thank you for stepping into my world of art and nature. Your visit is truly appreciated.

Warm regards,


Jeanette Kanozik


Instagram @jeanettekanozik

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