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Barbara Duvall

Inspired by the resplendent souls of the animals she loves, Barbara Duvall’s artwork portrays animal-human relationships and how we are all connected to the natural world. Her technique of using pure color, bold line and unexpected pattern creates exciting pieces that are intended to brighten the heart of the viewer. Her paintings are vividly colorful, bold and abstract. The final product, dye diffused on metal, results in artwork that is luminous and fresh. She has been creating art all of her life and teaching art to children for many years, but only recently began showing her work.

I’ve always been fascinated by human and animal faces and love portraying their personalities in my work. I love depicting the interwoven relationships that humans have with animals and nature. I transitioned from painting on traditional canvas to painting on a pressure sensitive, professional artist’s tablet a few years ago because I was interested in growing as an artist. And, I continue to be interested in the challenge of learning to use such a powerful and modern tool to express myself. Digital painting differs from computer-generated art because the artist creates the work, not the computer. Digital painting requires the same artistic skills and knowledge as painting with a brush, only I use a stylus that can mimic thousands of brushes, software that mimics traditional media, and my work is displayed on a screen instead of a canvas. I taught myself to paint digitally with much practice and by tapping into the wealth of instructional material available on the web. To create a painting, I usually start with a photo or sketch, and then apply various layers and effects, with much attention to detail given to each layer. Many hours go into each single edition piece that I create. As a result of working in this emerging new media art form, I’m creating paintings at a higher level of sophistication and accomplishment.

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