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Pauli De Dominicis Dancer 17
Pauli De Dominicis Smokestacks

Pauli De Dominicis

Hello, I’m Pauli De Dominicis and I am an artist. Thank you for visiting my page.

Oil paintings, etchings and encaustic painting are my medium of expression through Visual art.

One of my favorite artists, Richard Diebenkorn, says:

"I used to dream these wonderful images in that strange suspended state between wakefulness and sleep. In my mind’s eye, these images looked like completed paintings, with all their incidentals, but when I awoke and started questioning what was really there I realized that they were dream images, that they were not paintable. What matters is when things actually start to jell on canvas – that’s when the real interest begins."

I paint with oils on canvas and also on wood panels. Encaustic on cradled wood panels is another of my painting modalities. I love the unanticipated effects that result from encaustic medium, the way color and texture reflect through the layers of beeswax and pigment, and the options for mark-making resembling printmaking. With oils on either canvas or wood panel, I enjoy painting from a subject and quickly enter into a kind of dialogue with the paint in which my aim is to be as open to that process and its pathways as possible and to arrive at a resolution of freshness and even delight. Much of my earlier work consisted of limited edition etchings. For me, exploring the three - Oil painting, Encaustic, and Etching - makes for a richer art practice.

My Etchings, Oil Paintings, and Encaustic Paintings are in several private collections. Exhibitions at Arts Benicia that I have participated in include Art of Community (February 2022), Pure Paint (November 2021), and Altered Scores (August 2021).

I studied at the Art Institute of San Francisco, The Academy of Art University, and San Francisco State University, and most recently took the Creative Visionary program with Nicholas Wilton.

I have been creating art professionally since 2005. My studio is located in Vallejo, California.

Pauli De Dominicis Morning Coffee
Pauli De Dominicis Rockridge Flowers
Pauli De Dominicis Kensington Seascape
Pauli De Dominicis North Bay Hills
Pauli De Dominicis Rose Marble
Pauli De Dominicis Bay Bridge Seascape
Pauli De Dominicis Sunset District
Pauli De Dominicis Untitled 122
Pauli De Dominicis Untitled 123
Pauli De Dominicis Untitled 124
Pauli De Dominicis Safron
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