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Thank you for visiting my page.  In viewing my work, you will find a collection of paintings from the heart, each with a story such as the two ducks that led my dog and me along a path without a fear in the world, to places explored, places I dream of, and places I plan to be.  I have come to this point in my life that inspired all the passions and desires of wanting and needing to create.  My story...


After growing up in New Jersey and beginning college as a photographer, I found that plants, nature, and creating beautiful photos were something I loved and needed. The majority of my time was spent out in nature, camping, hiking, and taking pictures but I did procrastinate developing film in the darkroom … back in the day.  I continued my studies in Math and Music.  Piano was one place you could find me for at least an hour a day since the age of five and still continue playing today.  I discovered teaching young adults was also in my blood as I found joy in working with students, creating visual lessons, and helping others to achieve their dreams consumed me.  Oh, and did I mention I am a little compulsive-obsessive and have ADHD?  I have been told that “some people work to live, but you to live to work”.


Then, it took no time after participating with some friends at a wine and canvas event to become obsessed with learning more about painting.  I immediately bought all the supplies needed, read numerous art books, took lots of classes, studied with prominent artists, viewed thousands of hours of artist videos and still continue to do it all.  I am inspired by the great artists of the past and those of today.  I try to do it all and will never stop learning.  That is one magical thing about knowledge and life; the more you learn the more you realize there is so much more to know.  Compulsive-obsessive?  You bet.  I am never bored as I am always striving to be better.


I have lived and traveled most of the US, including several countries, and have plans to do lots more.  You will find all my passions of plants, flowers, nature, and life itself emphasized in my paintings, mostly in oils and acrylics.


My degrees are from Old Dominion University (BS) and Northern Arizona University (MA).  I am now living in the greatest town of Benicia with my wonderful husband David.  We are very proud parents of our children and grandchildren who now live out of state which has become places for reoccurring travel. 


I invite you to view my paintings with an emphasis of semi-realistic to semi-impressionistic, and some a little abstract.  Many of my paintings are from local areas and also travel experiences including wonderful deep forests, mountain hikes and ocean beauties. And did I mention that I grew up a block for the beach in NJ, just down the road from Asbury Park Boardwalk (the home of Bruce Springsteen)?  I have been honored to show my work in local, national, and international juried shows, also earning some national recognition awards.  I look forward to your visit to HQ.


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