Ebba Navas

I have a double Masters Degree in all Science with a minor in the arts. As such I enjoy marrying my love for science with a passion for art. This leads to constant experimentation in scientific application to artistic pieces. In other words I like to make new stuff that maybe has not been done before. I have develop a style of painting digitally on a new art I-pad with special programming and print the result in archival ink on an art printer. I also enjoy special effects pouring and merge both of these developed pieces with multi-media while observing the effects of chemistry and physics on the subject pieces. Such as bonding effects and the effects of different weights of paint on each other and materials such as gold, silver and copper foil. I love doing my art experiments and sometimes I think they turn out well! Whatever I’m doing its great bonding of my left and right brain as I navigate the science behind the art!

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