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Barrie Robinson

When asked if I am an artist, I prefer to say that I am a maker.  I have always been compelled to explore media and make things.  Over the years, this has included weaving, sewing, doll making, ceramics, collage, mixed media, sumi-e, printmaking, and found object assemblage.  Each medium presents its own unique opportunities and limitations, and I enjoy discovering what each medium can create.

Found objects are especially interesting to me.  I have collected objects for over 30 years that are appealing for their shape or color or texture or oddity.   I generally don’t have any idea what they will become, admiring them for themselves until another object  seems to fit with it.  Then a concept begins to form and I simply follow it.  This process may take an hour or several years depending on whether I have all of the necessary parts to complete the concept.  Most of my pieces are whimsical or express some aspect of my sense of humor.

Most recently, I have been working with clay.  I am experimenting with abstract human figures, having been long inspired by Giacometti, ancient Cycladic figures from the Mediterranean,  and the anthropomorphic forms of prehistoric rock painting and petroglyphs.  A favorite local sculptor is Nancy Legge from the Bay Area......check her out!  I have also been fascinated by birds all my life,  and have recently discovered that often they tend to form themselves out of the clay as I work.    Sometimes they are abstract, sometimes more realistic.  Many find their way to nests that I make or find, and may appear on bark pieces or interesting branches that I also collect.

I hope my work inspires you to experiment with finding your own medium(s).  I believe that we are all creative by our very nature.  Often, it just takes time to find the right fit that sparks your imagination and feeds your soul.  The most important thing is to have fun.

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