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Sara Wong

30 years ago, in the 1980’s, after I received my AA degree from City College of San Francisco Major in Fine Arts, my first son was born. I was caught up in life and in the commute between my job in San Francisco and my home in the East Bay, I really didn’t have much time to paint. But I never gave up painting.


After I finished raising my two sons I started painting again. I just paint whatever I have around, like fruits and vegetables. My son gave me flowers and I painted the ‘Tiger Lily’. When I started working at McKesson Corporation in 2000, the company encouraged employees to volunteer in the community. That was when I signed up as a volunteer with ‘Solano County Friends of Animals’: I started as Adoption Coordinator and then changed to Bake Sale Coordinator, Helping in baking cookies and at the bake sale table. And instead of painting on paper, I painted on the sugar cookies I baked. And I started painting homeless dogs, and donated the paintings to the group for their annual fund raising ‘Silent Auction’ event.  

In 2007 I volunteered as Puppy Raiser for ‘Canine Companions for Independence. During that time I did a water color painting titled ‘ Healing’. It was a little girl with her therapy dog. I donated it to "Friends of Animals" and it was sold in their 2015 annual event. At the end of 2015, I was invited to a private art and craft Show at a home in town.  A lady brought one of my paintings of a baby chick. Later on I ran into her at one of our bake sales.  She told me that she loves that painting and that it hangs in her bedroom. Every morning it brings a smile to her face.


Now that my two sons have moved out on their own, I am facing an empty nest. I am looking for an opportunity in our community to pursue my interest and do what I love.

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